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About Us

Who are we?

Emerald Mountain Country Store started as Bret and Sonia Devine. High school sweethearts, husband and wife, and best friends. We fell in love with Emerald Mountain in the early 2000’s and decided to move our family to this beautiful community.

In 2008 we decided, after much prayer and deliberation, to lease the storefront in the Emerald Mountain Village and to serve the community by offering a store that supports the very neighborhood that supports it. We had no idea at the time whether we would be accepted or not, and could not have dreamed that it would have turned out to be the kind of store and community partnership it is. We have made some of the most unbelievable friends. We have shared and laughed together in the good times, and we have cried and mourned together during the tough.

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Emerald Mountain Country Store isn’t just Bret and Sonia anymore it is all of us. When you walk through the front door, you become part of the store. Part of our history, the present, and the future is created every time that door opens. A history that has seen the births of children and the passing of loved ones, too many to mention, that will never be forgotten. A present that is seeing more houses built, new families moving in, a school being built, and a future that we all look forward to seeing unfold.

So, from Bret, Sonia, and the entire staff, we want to welcome you all to Emerald Mountain Country Store. Come in, relax, stay awhile, you’re among friends and family.